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Isabelle StoffelIsabelle Stoffel was born in Basel, Switzerland. Since her graduation from the Drama Academy in Bern, she has had a stunning international acting career. She has played with companies in Lucerne, Zurich, Basel and Bern, in Leuven (Belgium), Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. She is a long-standing member of Nico and the Navigators, a mime troupe based in Berlin.
Apart from the stage, Isabelle Stoffel has appeared on German and Spanish TV and cinema features e.g. in Berlin is in Germany (film, 2001), Sobre el arco iris (film, 2003), Hinter Gittern (TV, 2003/4), Un Franco, 14 pesetas (film, 2006), Invisibles (film, 2007), Ispansi (film, 2010), El cónsul de Sodoma (film, 2009), Los ilusos (film, 2013), Traumland (film, 2013) and Los exiliados romáticos (film, 2014). The Surrender is her first theatrical adaptation. She has directed the theater play Jimmy, dream creature of Marie Brassard, in Switzerland (2012).

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The adaptation

Reading Toni Bentley’s book I found myself confronted with THE testimony of a brave and honest woman, who shares an intimate experience as a revelation. It is a passionate love story where she experiences a profound sexual submission towards a particular lover. I think that when we fall in love, when sexuality is experienced deeply we feel connected to something higher and bigger than ourselves. The great curiosity of her story is that she finds this transcendence through the physical surrender in sodomy. There she finds devotion to the other as an expression of a kind of divine confidence.  In this way this sexual act transforms into something mystical and breaks beyond the mere carnal dimension into a spiritual one. This experience happens as a total surprise to her, a kind of strange and unexpected gift.  She describes her experience from a very personal, receptive, female perspective and in so doing it becomes universal. With both her innocence and irony she makes us accomplices in her experience thus overriding any personal reserve or prejudice one might have and identifying with her becomes not only easy but seductive and exciting.

Isabelle Stoffel