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Direct from a sold-out run at the SPANISH NATIONAL THEATRE

English-Language World Premiere at THE EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL!

Actress and theatrical adaptation: ISABELLE STOFFEL



A success that moved up the theatre chain.”

(The Guardian)

The fascination arises from the balance between the power of the images of the text and the exemplary work of the actress.”
(El Mundo)

The film director Sigfrid Monleón debuts brilliantly in theater.”
(El País)

A sensual ritual, BDSM with humor and depth. A solid, honest confessional.
(The List)

“The highest ecstasy. Genuinely erotic, passionately and convincingly. A serious play about sex.
(What’s on Stage)

“Funny and shockingly honest. Isabelle Stoffel i so convincingly thats is hard to belive she is recounting someone else’s memories.
(The Stage)

“Fringe starts with a Bang. Isabelle Stoffel stars in a firecracker of a show.”
(The Herald)

“Chronicle of a sexual trip, played with at highest level of sensitivity.”
(EL País)

Ms. Bentley was full of praise for Ms. Stoffel’s performance.”
(The International Herald Tribune)